All-New Levels of Human-Caused Devastation in Myanmar

Things are getting out of hand in the nation of Myanmar. This is despite the strict warning of the United Nations representative on the need for the Military administration to allow protesters to protest without harsh reactions from security forces.

Alarming Death Toll

For one, the true number of casualties caught up in the Myanmar situation is more than what is given by sources such as Amnesty International, the UN statistical reports, and many other sources.

But even at that, the reported number of deaths and other casualties of the crackdown between the protesters and security agents is alarming.

For instance, Sunday saw an all-new high in the number of dead people. This is because no less than 38 individuals lost their lives as the security agents opened fire against protesters.

But despite the odds against them, many of these protesters are not willing to back down. Many of them are unshaken in their decision to demand a return to civilian rule and the release of detained civilian administrators.

Sources claim that no less than 126 individuals have lost their lives as a result of the various incidence of crackdowns between the security forces and protesters.

The Big Lie and Irony

The most outrageous statement has been made by the military administrators who claim the security agents are using minimal force in handling the crisis.

In light of this and many more issues triggered by the coup and political assumption of the military, key UN spokespersons inferred that the military leaders in Myanmar do not belong where they are. He stressed that these people are inhumane and belong behind bars.

Additionally, various quarters such as the British Prime Minister, The United States president, the United Nations, and a host of other quarters have been very critical about the actions of the military administrators in Myanmar.

All of them are stressing the need for a return to civilian rule in Myanmar. This is something that the military says it will do in 12 months.