All you need to know about the best tools to create a chatbot

Sometimes you hear about chatbots without knowing exactly what they are. Indeed, a chatbot is a tool whose role is to help you understand a voice chat, a text and the actions you need to bring. As action, we have the satisfaction of a request, the search for more information, etc. Here's what you need to know about the chatbot and the tools that will help you create your own.

If you want to create a custom chatbot, this is on point. It has several styles that will help you determine your chatbot's responses and roles. Here is a top article on the best tools to create a chatbot, feel free to browse it. This visual editor has a free version, which allows you to integrate over 1000 messages per month. Do you want to benefit from this version? You need a subscription. It costs about $15.


With this, you can create a chatbot for your Facebook Messenger even if you don't know the coding methods. It is a tool that allows you to edit simple bots, admit files, videos, images, insert them to WordPress as well as other sites. Moreover, Botsifier is a free chatbot tool, it accepts more than 100 users. To get the first version, you need $10.

XO Flow

Chatfuel It is one of the most interesting tools of Chatbot. Indeed, it is a tool that it will help you to create a program for Telegram and Messenger. It has several functions such as: using chatfuel which is free; scheduling FAQs to allow users to get to know each other better through the chatbot.