Benefit from a good and cheap VPS server

Running a VPS allows you to set up your website in a secure container with guaranteed resources (memory, disk space, processor cores, etc.) that you do not have to share with other users. With the VPS server, you have the same root level access as if you were renting a dedicated server, but at a much lower cost. Here's what vitual Cloud gives you in this article.

what is VPS hosting?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is a logical or virtual server rather than a physical server. A physical server can host multiple virtual servers. The main resources of a physical server can be shared between several virtual servers. This is a more secure and stable solution than shared hosting where you have no dedicated server space. However, it is smaller and cheaper than renting an entire expensive server. So to take advantage of this server at a lower rate, visit the website competent in the domain. VPS hosting is usually chosen by website owners who have medium level traffic that exceeds the limits of shared hosting plans, but still do not need the resources of a dedicated server. These solutions usually offer multiple hosting plans. For example, at vitual Cloud, you'll have multiple plans to meet the different needs of your business and allow you to seamlessly scale your site when you need more resources.

how does the VPS server work?

A server is a computer on which your hosting provider stores the files and databases needed for your website. Every time an online visitor wants to access your website, their browser sends a request to your server and transfers the necessary files over the Internet. VPS hosting provides you with a virtual server that simulates a physical server, but in reality, the machine is shared among several users. Through virtualization technology, your hosting provider installs a virtual layer on top of the server's operating system. This layer divides the server into partitions and allows each user to install their own operating system and software. Therefore, a virtual private server is both virtual and private because you have complete control. It is separated from other users of the server at the operating system level.