Beyonce Doing It All Again

The Grammy Award has come a long way as regards awards set apart to appreciate the works of entertainers, especially people in the music industry. Despite the many accusations of its selection process and a host of other things, the award has stood the test of time for well over 63 years. The good thing is that there are no plans to call it a day anytime.

Beyonce Is a History Maker

A correspondent that witnessed Beyonce win many of her Grammy Awards in the past was full of surprise. She explained that “although I could not physically be a part of the ceremony because of the underlying health issues that have plagued the country and world at large, I am delighted that it held. And by the way, there wasn’t going to be a better host than Trevor. A big shout-out to this amazing media personality”.

After appreciating the organizers for coming up with the event at the Los Angeles Convention Center, the correspondent got right to the heart of the issue when she said “I am surprised that she’s winning it again. This is not because I am doubting her ability to do what she has done times without numbers. Odd as it seems, I was thinking the Grammys will be fed up with Beyonce. For goodness's sake, we are talking of a record 28 times. Frankly, amazing is not even a word that cuts it. She is outstanding”.

Well, the truth is that it was not only Beyonce that made the headlines. For one, her daughter made a bit of history by becoming the second youngest personality to win the Grammys. Should she follow in the step of her mother, this will be the first of many on the Grammy’s platform and many other award organizers.

It Was a Lady’s Show

Other than Beyonce being the highlight of the event with her song (H.E.R) winning the “song of the year” category, this event will be remembered for one thing.

This is about the number of ladies that came out winners in all-sex categories. For instance, Taylor Swift and many others did have a great time at the event.