DDOS protection: why is it important?

DDOS protection is the process of effectively protecting a network targeted by an attack. When properly implemented, DDOS mitigation keeps a platform online while protecting it. This cloud-based solution provides significant benefits. In this content, learn about the important features of this service.

To take advantage of its reliability

The DDOS mitigation service has some pretty remarkable advantages for websites. Among these advantages is the flexibility of the programme. To learn more about Protection DDOS, read on. Indeed, like a safety belt, DDOS protection is only applied when needed. Even in such a situation, it would be better if it were functional. The flexibility of DDOS protection is an indispensable factor in any security technology. To ensure maximum protection of a website, this option should be preferred. In order to keep your platform online and to identify new threats, it is sufficient that the service has a high availability rate. In addition to this, there is also the rate of engineers in 24-hour platform reliability. Failover, extended datacenter network and repetition must be an integral part of the website strategy.

To benefit from its flexibility

DDOS protection guarantees exceptional flexibility. In this sense, it provides the possibility to set up ad hoc models and rules. The aim is to allow your web property to adapt promptly to incoming threats. With this solution, it is also possible to create page rules and apply these changes to the network in general. This is what keeps a platform online during an attack.

To take advantage of its scalability

A real protection solution must be able to adapt to the needs and expectations of a growing company. It must also be able to respond to ever increasing DDOS attacks. Today, there are attacks that have exceeded two (02) terabits per second. With the current traffic trend, it is unlikely that this speed will be low. However, it is possible to handle DDOS attacks with a higher capacity than has been achieved so far. This is possible thanks to the Cloudflare network.