Handpan and Hang comparison

Are you looking for a percussive musical instrument? Have you already tested the handpan and the Hang? There is a lot of talk about these two instruments? But what is the difference between these two instruments? How to choose the most suitable one? Find out some answers in this article.

Difference between handpan and and Hang drum

Handpan and Hang want to design exactly the same instrument. More information about hang drum is available here. People just gave names according to their regions. Thus, in Europe and America, this musical instrument is known as handpan. The handpan was designed in the year 2000 by panArt who chose to give it the name Hang. This name was given to it because it is an instrument that must be played by hand and Hang means hand in Swiss language. These two instruments produce a unique sound. This sound has the power to cross your mind, to feed it with good vibrations. These sounds allow you to de-stress, to put you in a state of total well-being.

What to choose between a handpan and a gang?

Although these two originally referred to the same instrument, today they refer to different elements. Hangs are nowadays sold at high prices. This is because of the quality of sound they produce. The technique of handpan production has evolved a lot today. The new handpans allow to produce a wider range of sound and this sound is more pleasant to hear. Their prices vary between 800 € and 6000 € for a range of notes from 7 to 30 notes. Some handpan samples are made of stainless steel to guarantee a long term use of the instrument. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)