How do we entertain ourselves in our lives?

As much as we are, we sometimes take time to entertain ourselves with family or friends. How do we entertain ourselves well? Let's all discover some tips.

Dust on the board games

Get your board games out of the closet and start playing again... Just play. Visit our blog long games of Monopoly, Memory or the Cluj of yesteryear do you miss? Create a play space in a place where you won't have to constantly clean up, especially at lunchtime. You can spread your fun over several hours or come back to it at different times of the day. If you don't want to strain your wallet, rent games. Disinfect them before you use them and before you return them to their owner. Want to treat yourself? Order the latest board games online.

  We must eat well

Why not take the opportunity to test everyone's cooking skills? Give each child the task of preparing a meal. You'll need to help the youngest, but of course, the oldest can do it too. Is "I'm hungry" the new family battle cry? Have the children plan healthy snacks that they will all eat together at certain times in the morning and afternoon. When everyone is full, they'll go back to their activities and think about something other than visiting the fridge. 

Once a week, plan an unusual meal. With a world cuisine theme, explore the flavors of other countries as a family. It's like a vacation abroad. Have weekly picnics. Spread a blanket on the living room floor, pull out a wicker basket, make snacks, open a window and listen to the birds sing. Cook more and more dishes on the grill. Enjoy the summer and the freedom.

Exercise as a family 

To keep your kids physically active and away from the tablets and electronic games, schedule regular family exercise sessions. The web is full of great websites. Host the Olympics in your backyard. Create a series of simple, fun events that are age-appropriate and appropriate for the materials you have on hand: ball, wagon, bucket, ladder, rope, rocks, hoops, etc. Get creative as a family