How to climb Mount Saint-Grégoire as a tourist?

Mount Saint-Grégoire is one of the nine hills in the Montérégie region that was not accessible to anyone because it was unofficial. The good news is that today, it is possible to access the mountain of Saint-Grégoire without any difficulty thanks to the development of the various trails on this mountain by the CIME, a structure in charge of its protection. It is 251 metres high and not so easy to hike if you are a tourist. But thanks to some tips suggested in the following article, you will be able to visit the top of Mount Saint-Grégoire.

If you are a tourist, research the mountain to climb

Climbing a mountain sounds like a lot of fun, but it can be dangerous and even fatal for a novice tourist. Before you even land in Montérégie where your mountain to visit is located, do some research to find out enough about its geographical and even geological history and don't hesitate to visit this address to find out more. You can also read all about it from a friend or someone who knows about it and is experienced. Stories from climbers who have climbed many mountains will be of great help to you. It is also important to learn how to read the signs of bad weather, how to read the clouds and how to identify the direction of the wind for your climb on Mount St. Gregory.

As a tourist estimate your mental strength

Climbing a mountain is not only a physical effort, but also a mental one because you have to make quick and safe decisions with a cool head. Once you are on the mountain, you will no longer be in your usual routine, nor in your living room or your office, at the slightest escapade, danger can arise. This is why you need to be calm. Although you are not in a competition and it is a simple hike, you need to be realistic, natural and honest with yourself lest you get your head smashed in. 

Be fit to climb the 251 metre mountain

As you may know, climbing a mountain requires total fitness. You don't have to be strong, but being fit is very important. If not, work in advance to build up the physical strength to walk up your mountain. You won't need to race to the top of the hill. Shamelessly walking would be the brilliant idea that could happen to you unless you are not a beginner. Take walks while deploying your hitchhiking equipment which can be acquired by hire. Once you reach the top return slowly and take as much time as you can and descend safely.