How Vaccination Could Determine the Fate of Employers

In light of the rising number of new COVID-19 variant cases and the need for a safe and healthy working environment, there is a new recruitment trend. Our news correspondents have gathered that the vaccination program may be central to how the recruitment process operates.

A Mandatory Requirement

The reports are indicating that employers of labor in various sectors of the economy are coming down hard against people who have not been vaccinated.

Many of them are beginning to add vaccination as a requirement before workers can be hired. We have discovered that this is fast becoming the trend in service provision outlets that do some form of menial jobs or the other.

An example was interviewed by another news outlet. The Owner of a corporation like Pimlico Plumbers stressed that the approach was a new one but very necessary. He explained that taking this route in job recruitment is in the best interest of everyone.

Why Employers Are Going down this road

In explaining the situation, a company CEO said that “the situation is a lot more complicated than what the media and workers union may think. For instance, there is a political undertone behind many decisions to stay unvaccinated in many parts of the United States. By taking this approach in the labor market, we will be contributing our quota in safeguarding the country and world at large”.

Speaking of some people not buying the idea of vaccination, this has been the tale of many states with a huge number of Donald Trump’s loyalists. Ironically, many of them do not understand or consider the fact that the ex-president of the United States had been given a COVID-19 shot before he officially left the Oval Office and White House at large.

Administrators in states like Arkansas are very worried about the situation in light of the growing number of new variant cases.

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