India Turns to the Technology of Facial Recognition in Dealing with Child Trafficking Cases

India is a very peculiar nation in many regards. For one, although it does not come close to China in terms of population, it is very populous as well. Here, we are talking of well over 1 billion individuals and counting by the second. One of the great challenges faced by such a nation is dealing with crimes such as human (and particularly) child trafficking.

The One-of-a-Kind Approach

The nation of India has been battling the crime of human and child trafficking for a very long time. As things are, this nation has one of the worst cases of all manner of trafficking in the entire world. It is so bad that parents and relatives have been reported and found out to have sold their family members to other perpetrators of this crime.

Considering that the Indian nation has an insufficient security agency able to handle a lot of citizens, the administrators are seriously considering technology as an escape route.

The plan is to make use of facial recognition as the major tool in tracking down developments of crime and reuniting missing persons with their families. However, as things are, this is not the first time that this approach is being used. As a matter of fact, many police departments in the large nation rely on this technology.

However, there is the challenge of centralizing the data gotten and used for this purpose. This is what the pertinent Indian administrators are aiming to achieve and work is in progress. As things are, the decision to do this is at the bidding agent.

The Bidding War

Many local and foreign corporations are looking at handling the project. For one, this is because of the massive returns they could get as a result. Corporations like IBM, ACN, HPE, and many local companies are hoping to take charge of the centralized face recognition project.

However, correspondents are explaining that many local companies are disadvantaged because of the possible requirements. For instance, the chosen company(ies) must be expected to have done something close to this in other quarters.

Most of the local Indian companies are not advantaged in this regard. However, we also gathered that the Indian government may be considering handling the project over to a company that has local ties even if it is an international corporation.

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