The essentials to know about the casino game Plinko

Plinko is a famous casino game preferred by players. It is easy to play and you don't need any experience in it like with slots and other casino games. You don't have to think about making money. It's all about luck. Find out in the rest of this article, the essentials to know about the Plinko game.

What are the different types of Plinko games that exist?

Plinko is a casino game that most players love because of its ease. Currently on the market, there are a total of 7 types of Plinko. To get information about the game plinko casino game, keep reading. The Spribe Plinko is the most popular among players. It was designed by Spribe, one of the best game programmers. Composed of 3 levels, the stake to play Plinko Spribe is between $1 and $10. The MyStake Plinko is available in the MyStake casino and bets range from $0.20 to $1,000. At this level, it is up to you to choose the level you want before your bet. The Plinko Stake is not much different from the MyStake Plinko Stake. With the smartsoft Plinko, you don't have the option to choose your own level, but it is still very interesting. Plinko XY is offered by Blaze Casino and also has 3 levels. Betfury Casino offers a variant of Plinko known as Betfury Plinko. The last variant of Plinko is the Plinko BGaming.

What are the rules that govern the Plinko game?

Even though there are several variants of Plinko, the rules of the game are the same everywhere. The objective of the game is simple and easy. Just hit big multipliers in order to win a lot of money. At the beginning of the game, your ball is placed at the top of the pyramid. When you shoot, the ball must land on a multiplier. Your initial bet will be multiplied by the number of the multiplier. If you bet $100 and the ball hits the multiplier x15, you win $1500. You can either take advantage of the 3 levels of the game or go straight to the automatic mode.