The Use of Oxford Astrazeneca Vaccine Put on Hold in Many European Countries

Just a while ago, the Astrazeneca vaccine was reported to be arguably the best shot at dealing with the B117 variant of the Covid-19 virus and other variants of concern. This came at a time when nations like South Africa had to suspend the rollout of a certain vaccine considering the ineffectiveness.

What’s Happening with the Oxford Astrazeneca Vaccine?

Just down the line, the same Astrazeneca vaccine has been reported to be with side effects that are harmful. As a result, the use of this vaccine has been actively or passively halted in many European nations.

From an economical stance, this is a huge blow for the pharmaceutical company given the large human and financial resources channeled to the production of these shots. Just a while back, the European Union leaders and many key players in the continent were under fire for the slow rollout of the vaccines.

Now that there is a bit of improvement, this news is affecting many quarters, especially the pharmaceutical company itself.

Responding to the situation, the pertinent spokesperson for AstraZeneca explained that the drugs meet all the safety and effectiveness standards required for best global practices.

In all sincerity, reports by pertinent health regulators have shown that the drugs are not found wanting in this regard.

Further Investigation and Good News for Competitors

The AstraZeneca vaccine has been reported to cause blood clots among other health complications in several parts of the European continent. As a result, many of the countries that have initially allowed the use of this vaccine have halted administering the vaccine.

Many of them are making detailed plans to conduct further tests to ascertain the cause of the problem. It should also be known that the acclaimed mortality or complications caused by this shot are very low. However, caution is of the essence for many countries.

In the meantime, nations like Italy and many others have allowed the use of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. The fact that it only required a single shot is the highlight here.

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